By Mike Murphy
This year we are having layout tours September 9th.
Some of these you may have seen three or four years ago but changes have been made to the layouts so even if you saw them then, they will be even better this time. THREE of the layouts are all new which most of you have never seen. I am sure you will want to visit those three for sure. Please pay attention to the times you may visit each home and please do not come after the close time as some have dinner or evening plans with their families.
Phone numbers are provided in case you get lost.
You are all requested that you please sign the guest book when you enter. You will received 10 points for yourself and 10 points for any guest that you have brought who must also sign in. Cameras are allowed to all, some allow food and/or drinks to brought in and some don’t. Children are welcome if accompanied with a parent or grandparent and requested to be over the age of 10.
I have kind of grouped these together for you. The first
THREE are somewhat together with Steve Blodgett, Ron Udy and Lee Witten all being in South Ogden. The next four are somewhat spread out but all in a general area. After the three in South Ogden I would head out to Gary Brooks then come back down the hill and head up Weber Canyon to Brian’s and Ray’s. On the way back from them would be a good time to stop in South Weber and see John’s.

STEVEN BLODGETT 4685 S. 1575 E. SOUTH OGDEN 84403 801-479-1706
Steve models the late 1800’s, none of those new-fangled horse-less carriages to be seen. The basement train room is 28 x 12ft. Scenery is about 70% complete. The layout features Steve’s artistry when it comes to structures, trestles, and weathering. Steve runs both freight and passenger service all steam and NO diesels.(but he does have some in his display case) Steve has been working on his layout for about 20 years and has hand laid all 106.5 feet of his track and turnouts. Steve’s layout is at eye level(if you are 5’11) but he has plenty of foot stools to stand on. A must see scene is the Hotel scene and surrounding farm buildings in the south west corner of the room. A CVP DCC system powers the layout. Beautiful backdrop painting is by Rob Spangler. Photo’s are oaky but please no outside food or drinks. New carpet has just ben installed.
On Harrison Blvd. go to 4600 S. and turn EAST. Go about ½ mile(up hill) and turn right on 1575 E. Just after you go around the corner Steve’s house is the 3
rd one on the right hand side. Look for the “HOSTLER EVENT” sign in the front yard.

RON UDY 1027 E. 5700 S. SO. OGDEN 84405 801-475-5159
HOURS 10am to 5pm
Updated 07/17
Ron’s layout is the Rocky Gulch and Uintah RR which he started building in 2002. It is about 15 x 15 feet with 120 feet of main line HO track and about 90% finished and he will have trains running. It is a point to point RR with optional loop for continuous running. It is set in the 1800’s. It has a narrow gauge section severing a number of mines with a section of dual gauge track between Springtree and Gold Valley, a junction city where regular piston engines from Rocky Gulch must be switched out for geared engines to make the grade to Springtree. There are daily passenger runs with freight every week or so. Ron says he still has work to do with mountains, trees and ground scenery. He makes note that his aisles are narrow and small children will have to be held to see much. He has a whole list of things to look for on the layout. The layout is controlled by Digitrax DCC. Please, no outside food or drinks. Photo’s may be taken
From Hwy. 89 turn south at the corner of 1050 E.(The Manor Care Nursing home is on one corner and the big Catholic Church is on the North East property and a new Tunex is on the NW corner property) continue to the 4-way stop. Turn right and you will see the “HOSTLER EVENT” sign three doors down in the front yard on the left.

LEE WITTEN 852 E. 5500 S. SO. OGDEN 801-476-1209
Updated 07/17
Lee Witten’s layout is in a basement room 12 x 18 feet. It’s his second edition. The first one was a 2 deck affair with a helix to transition between them. The curves were not sufficient radius to accommodate 85 foot passenger cars so he tore the whole thing down and started over. The present layout is a single level continuous loop single track mainline with several industries and sidings for operations. It’s a freelance, purely imaginary creation. Industries and towns are named after family and friends. It’s mainly 50’s era scenery, buildings, rolling stock and locomotives. However on occasions Amtrak can be seen on the main. Most switches are powered Peco or Tortoise with manual throws.
Background scenes are photographs taken at the Golden Spike monument area, eastern end of Echo Canyon, Hill Field and Weber Canyon mountains.
Power control is DCC with a Digitrax DCS 100 and UR92 duplex receiver.
The layout is essentially finished, but small detail work continues. Lee says it’s alright to bring food in as long as you share with him. He will have ice water available. Photos are allowed. Small children must be attended by an adult.

RAY CARTER 436 SHERRIE St., MORGAN, Ut. If you get lost call 801-726-5088
HOURS 10am to 5pm
NEW, never before seen
The layout is HO scale with a loop of HON3. I model the Union Pacific Railroad in Morgan and Summit Counties, that includes the Park City Branch to Coalville. It also includes the Western Pacific at Keddie, California. The layout is in the 1960’s-70’s era. It includes 180 feet of double main line track with signals. The layout is three levels with staging on the lower level, and the Park City Branch on the upper level. Ray has been working on this version for 20 years. The track is 100% complete and the terrain is about 95% complete. The layout is controlled by NCE DCC.
Ray is just getting a good start on scenery but will have trains running. Please, no outside food or drinks. Ray will provide drinks and a snack. Photos are welcome and so are children if with a responsible adult.
You will enter through the garage and go down the stairs which are on the right hand side of the garage. Look for the “HOSTLER EVENT” sign.
Go east on I-84 and take exit 103 Morgan. Turn right on to State Street and continue for .8 miles. Turn right on to Young Street for .3 miles. Turn left on to Sherrie Street (410 west) and go south one block and house is on the corner on the north side of the street. 436 Sherrie Street 

BRIAN BRENDEL 6066 N. Robinson Ln., MOUNTAIN GREEN, Ut. if you get lost call 703-244-7594 If you are using a GPS enter Morgan and NOT Mountain Green.
HOURS 10am to 5pm
NEW, never before seen
Brian’s N Scale C&O Mountain Subdivision has 80% completed bench work and sub roadbed, 100% completed backdrop, a section of track that runs on DC for the time being, and is just beginning the scenery process of planting about 70 gazillion trees. The layout was designed by Bernard Kempinski and is featured in his recent layout design book for Kalmbach. Layout dimensions overall 22' x 38' and include a staging "mole", a trip thru the restroom, and future hidden furnace room staging. It models the present day Mountain Sub as though it was still owned by the CSX. (Buckingham Branch Line are actual present owners, with CSX trackage rights, and Amtrak 3 times a week for the New York-Washington-Chicago Cardinal.) The layout is dated 2005 and runs from roughly Charlottesville, Virginia through Clifton Forge to Covington, Virginia.  The Mountain Sub is the highest point on the C&O, and offers Eastern Mountain railroading through areas of single tracking and a future large yard at Clifton Forge, and several large future industries including Lehigh Cement in Craigsville and the Westvaco Paper Plant in Covington.
Food, drinks and photos will be allowed as long as you don’t take one of Brian. Unattended children will be given espresso and a puppy. Do not try to park in the driveway. You will enter through the garage and go up about 4 steps to enter the train room area. Watch for signs to direct you. Look for the “HOSTLER EVENT” sign.
Go up Weber Canyon, I-84 East, and get off at the Mountain Green exit, Exit #92, Mtn. Green Huntsville. At end of exit ramp, go left under the freeway, then right onto the Highway Rd. Proceed about 100 yards to Robinson Lane and turn left, there are big Pagoda-looking things on each side of the entrance.  Head up Robinson about a half mile total , (past the large median), house is on the right, lots of rock walls.

GARY BROOKS 2351 E. 3100 N. Layton, Ut. 801-814-3606 if you need help
HOURS 10am to 4:30pm
NEW, never seen before
Gary’s address may scare you but it is very easy to get to and relatively close to the others. See Driving Directions.
Gary’s GNKFB Railroad is a HO scale layout that is loosely based on the Great Northern Kettle Falls Branch line that ran between Spokane, Wash and Kettle Falls, Wash between 1965 and 1970.  It is a DCC controlled system with a computer interface running JMRI.  The layout was started in 
Mar 2014 and will be a three deck layout when finished.  Currently, only the lower staging level is completely finished. All track work is installed on the middle level with work continuing on the scenery.  Construction of the upper level may commence in the spring of 2018 as long as the backdrop is completed on the middle level.  All track is powered and all turnouts are DCC and pushbutton controlled.  All turnouts are either jig build using Fast Track jigs or scratch built and are servo controlled with Tam Valley Depot controllers.  When the third deck is finished, the layout will have just over 400 feet of mainline track.
Please no outside food or drinks. Photo’s allowed and small children if attended by guardian.
You will enter at the front door. Look for the “HOSTLER EVENT” sign.
Go out of Ogden to the East on Hwy. 89. Down the big hill and through the opening and junction to Weber Canyon and then up the next big hill going South on Hwy 89. Stay over in your right hand lane as near the top of the hill you will turn Right off 89 onto Hwy 193. Go around the sweeping big curve and to the first stop light (2400 E.) and turn RIGHT and go about a block & half to the first LEFT, 3100 N. and turn left. Gary’s house will be the third house on the North or your right side, lots of trees.

JOHN GRUBB 6966 S. 475 E., SO. WEBER 801-476-9351
John models the 50’s era on a freelance layout of the West. The layout is located in a basement room which is 12 X 26 ft. which was started in 2000. There is about 400 feet of track on two levels. The upper level is a double main line through mountains and a small city with industrial sidings. The lower level is reached by two lines with a 3% grade down to a bent dog bone configuration. There is a duck under to access the inter area of the layout. A small yard and business sidings are located on this level. In each area John tried to model things he remembered from the 40’s and 50’s as a small boy. Most switches are Peco and all the track is code 100 flex track which John was given. John painted all his own background scenes. The layout is all DCC and trains are controlled by a Digitrax DCS100, two DB150 and a UR90 receiver. The layout is 95% complete with new lighting and lots of people. John will have trains running.
The best way to John’s is to get on the short stretch of I-84 that runs between Riverdale and the mouth of Weber Canyon and get off at Exit 85 and head south. (If you go north you will run into the toll booth.) You will be on 475 E. and John’s house is the last house on that street on the east side, right at the junction of 475 E. and South Weber Dr. Look for the “HOSTLER EVENT” signs