1. The contestant shall fill in the entry form completely. A separate form is required
for each entry.

Only two modules may be entered per person. However, multiple modules assembled
as a unit will be considered to be a single entry.

3. Module entries must be displayed as part of an operating layout.

4. After completing the entry form, return it to the Contest Officials to receive your
entry number. The Contest Official will accompany you to the module location and
will place an identifying tag with the entry number on it on or near the module.

5. Entries will be accepted from the opening of the building for display setup on
Friday until noon on Saturday. Modules shall not be removed until the close of
the festival at
4 pm on Sunday.

Prior First Place or Best of Show winning entries will be welcome as Display
Only entries. They are bared form the current contest as entries to be judged.

7. The juried competition shall begin as soon after 12 noon on Saturday as is
practicable and shall be completed not later than 6 pm.

8. First, Second, and Third place ribbons will be awarded. The module entries will be
judged along with the model contest entries to determine the recipient of the
award. A plaque shall be awarded for Best-of-Show, and the award shall be determined
by the
contest judges.

9. In the event that the judges are unable to agree on an entry’s place, the tie shall
be broken by the
Contest Officials.

10. Each entry must have had significant workmanship provided by the entrant, and
this work, along with the description of the module,
must be described on the
application form in the space provided. If additional space is needed, the entrant
may attach a separate sheet.

11. The contest Officials shall retain all contest entry forms and the judges’ ballots.
The documentation shall be reviewed by an officer of the Hostler Model Railroad
Club appointed by the Club president in the event of any question arising by a
contestant or interested party regarding the placement of any entry in the contest
that may affect their eligibility for an award.



1. Personal Information:
Name: (printed) ___________________________
Surface Mailing Address:________________________________________
Telephone Number: ______________________
email Address: ____________________

2. Entry Number: (assigned by a Contest Official) ______________________

3. Show Location of the Module: ________________________________________________

4. Description of the module and of the work done by the applicant:

____ I declare that this entry is mine and all model work is my own.
____ I declare that I am entering this module for (name) _______________________________
and that all model work is his own.

Liability Release:
Even though the Hostler Model Railroad Club has taken every precaution to ensure the safe keeping of
your Module and other personal property, the Hostler Model Railroad Club and all its members make no
warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the loss or safety of Modules or
other property entered in this module contest. The entrant, in entering this contest, will assume the entire
risk as to the loss and safety of his/her Module and personal property. In no event will the Hostler Model
Railroad Club or any of its Members be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or
damage from this module contest.
I have read and agree to the Liability Release.

Signature: _________________________________