MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES (Note: New Members must pay a surcharge of $5 to cover the cost of the name badge. This is a one time charge for new members only.

1. ADULT MEMBERSHIP is ONE adult 18 years of age or older and the cost is currently $20.00 per year. This adult member has all the rights and privileges of a Hostler member.
Category Code blank

2. ADULT MEMBERSHIP WITH PARTNER—includes one adult male or female 18 years old or older and one adult spouse or partner also 18 years old or older.(Typically a husband & wife) Both may hold office, vote, receive a membership card and name badge. Currently the cost for this category per year is $25.00
Category Code p

3. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP-- shall or may consist of two adults 18 years of age or older and all children age 17 and younger in residence. The two adults may vote, hold office, receive membership cards and a name badge. If there is only one adult as a member and one 17 year old the 17 year old will be entitled to the second name badge. They may purchase more name badges if necessary. Currently the cost for this membership category is $30.00 per year.
Category Code f

4. YOUTH MEMBERSHIP – a youth members is an individual 17 years of age or younger sponsored by a parent or guardian. They may not hold office, vote or accrue points. The cost for this category of membership is $5.00 per year.
Category Code y

5. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS—are adult members 18 years of age or older who reside outside of a 100 mile radius from the center of Ogden, Ut. They may vote only in the annual election of Hostler officers, and receive a membership card, etc. They may not accrue points. The current cost for this membership category is $10.00 per year.
Category Code a

6. HONORARY MEMBERS – Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals or corporations deemed worthy due to their contribution to the hobby.
They are not required to pay dues, may not vote or hold an office and may not accrue points. These memberships are subject to review annually.
Category Code h